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AGS provides superior and high quality consultancy services and solutions for CAD, BIM, GIS and IT industries. AGS can also be relied upon to deliver our services-solutions rapidly – but without the sacrifice of quality – when faced with urgent demand from our precious and respected customers. Most important – AGS outsourcing allow and gives advantage you to save cost at least 30% -40% to all services and solutions on time delivery with 100% customer satisfactions..


Our highly skilled professionals are continuously kept abreast of the latest developments in the technologies, owing to the ongoing technology transfer agreement and collaboration with our principle partners. This enables us to provide for the state of art information and technical know- how for our prospect-customers based on an ongoing basis. This backed up by our Principal partners, enables us to understand the problems faced by our prospect-customer base and provide with appropriate solutions that would help them to succeed.


The range of Services and products offered by AGS are such that the initial Investments of the customers in terms of hardware, software, trainings and cases are well protected. The database built today would be used well in the future on the new range of hardware, software and technologies.


Customer satisfaction, on time services, solutions and consultancy, continuous improvement in production and services are the basic elements that personify AGS as corporate entity.


Since its establishment AGS has managed its business for growth by practicing the most appropriate financial management. In contrast many of our competitors have come and gone. Today we have emerged as a strong company. Our key business partners also back up this staying power.


The Organization strives to create an open environment that fosters creativity and innovation. AGS reputation for innovative geospatial and software solutions is an important factor in our competitiveness. So retaining skilled employees at all levels of the organization is critical to our ability to develop new business as well as to ensure a high level of client satisfaction.


Maintaining a strong belief that analyzing the market demands and developing resources to suit such demands, keeping in line with our line of business and specialty, are appropriate behaviors to deal with survival and prosperity, environmental uncertainties, and competitors’ threats. AFS expects organizational members to behave accordingly.


We enable our staff to achieve career growth and in turn contribute towards company growth through the company’s empowering management style, mentoring and continual training. Individuals are given the opportunity to take on more responsibility and advance their career.


For any project, AGS appoints a Project Director and Project Manager. The role of the Project Director is to ensure the client’s overall objectives are understood and met. They will both bring together consultants from across the business to best match our skills with the client’s need. Our formal project management system is designed and used to ensure we meet our client’s expectations and provide those deliverables as agreed with the client at the project outset.