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Remote Sensing is a technology of obtaining information about an object without a physical contact with the object but with a sensor mounted on an aircraft or a satellite. The underlying concept is that the sensor either detects the natural radiation that is emitted or reflected by the object (Passive Remote Sensing) or emits energy to scan objects and measure the radiation that is backscattered from the object (Active Remote Sensing) .The advantage of Remote Sensing is that it makes it possible to collect data even in inaccessible areas. Our Remote Sensing includes high quality services of Image Processing, Image Classification, Image Enhancement, Geo-rectification, Geo-Coding & Referencing, Change Detection, DEM (Digital Elevation Model), DTM (Digital Terrain Models), Image Interruption-Processing, Analysis etc. to appreciated customers within their budget. This is most important for successful completion of our projects. Our experts also maintain a complete palette of GIS and Remote Sensing techniques to make the best out of your Geo-database.


Agriculture-Forestry Mapping Satellite Image Ortho-Rectification Satellite Image Tiling and Color Balancing Image Interpretation-Processing-Classification
Contour Mapping (DEM & DSM) Land Use/Cover Mapping Landscapes and soil resources assessment Geo-Referencing & Geo-Coding of Database
Flood Plan Mapping/ Monitoring Urban Planning-Mapping Agriculture-Forestry Mapping Coastal Zone studies/Water Waste Resources-Management-Mapping
Impervious feature extraction GIS Database creation and Integration Military Intelligence/Meteorology/Earth Science Atmospheric corrections
Auto DEM Extraction Pansharpening Image Mosaicing Color Enhancement / LUT editing