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AGS offers a wide range of LiDAR Data Processing Services, such as Digital Elevation Models, Contour lines, Power Lines to Basic and advanced Classification, Geospatial Analysis, and custom LiDAR Mapping Solutions.Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) can determine how far objects are away from each other by shining a laser onto a target and analyzing the light that bounces back. LiDAR is used to create incredibly detailed maps in addition to assisting researchers in the fields of geography, archeology, geology, seismology, atmospheric sciences, laser studies, and much more. LiDAR is the most suitable technology for mapping the ground through forested landscapes. Penetrating laser pulses can capture ground and sub-canopy locations and objects that are very much complicated to interpret in airborne imagery or survey in ground surveying circumstances.LiDAR Data processing is most effective in the field of geographical system and of remote sensing for creating Digital Elevation Model, Digital Terrain Model and many other surface models. We have the complete understanding of all types of data in LiDAR system and has developed custom built utilities for easy classification of LIDAR points.

AGS is proficient in providing following LiDAR Mapping Services:

ALS (Air Bourne Laser Scanning) Data Processing and Classification MLS (Mobile Laser Scanning) Data Processing and Classification MLS (Mobile Laser Scanning) 3D Data Processing, Classification Vectorization Power Line 3D features  Data Processing, Classification Vectorization
Urban corridor Mapping Rail Corridor mapping from point cloud data Vegetation Mapping Classification and Vectorization Building Extraction Classification and Vectorization
Impervious/Pervious Surface Mapping/Classification and Vectorization DTM (Digital Terrain Model) filtering from DSM (Digital Surface Model) Bathymetry Classification and Vectorization Ground Classification, Contour Generation and Vectorization
Mobile Mapping Highway Infrastructure Mapping Building, Roads, Hydro, Vegetation  Classification & Vectorization Rail Tracks, Rail Power-line, wires, Structures, other objects Classification and Vectorization