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Digital Photogrammetry & UAV as its name implies, is a 3-dimensional coordinate measuring technique that uses photographs as the fundamental medium for metrology (or measurement). The fundamental principle used by Digital Photogrammetry is triangulation or more specifically called Aerial Triangulation. By taking photographs from at least two different locations, so-called “lines of sight” can be developed from each camera to points on the object. These lines of sight (sometimes called rays owing to their optical nature) are mathematically intersected to produce the 3-dimensional coordinates of the points of interest.By the use of Digital Photogrammetry, mapping, map updating and 3D city models are processed. At AGS, the focus areas in Digital Photogrammetry are direct Geo-referencing, the use of digital photogrammetric cameras in mapping, radiometric calibration of digital aerial images, extraction of building outlines and integration of laser scanning and photogrammetry.

AGS is proficient in providing following Digital Photogrammetry & UAV Services:

Digital Aerial Triangulation (DAT) Digital Elevation Model Creation (DEM) DTM & DSM & Orthoproduct Generation & Editing Ortho Photo Creation & Rectification
Topographic Map Creation Planimetric Feature Extraction 3D Vector Mapping Digital Ortho Photography
3D Projection & Mapping Forest/Architectural Mapping & Analysis Digital Aero Triangulation 3D Planimetric/Topographic Mapping